Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Dog Blog

So Ollana didn't work out for us. She has lived in a kennel for too long and just won't adapt to a home life with another needy dog and a cat. Hopefully someone else will come along for her. But, on the bright side, she is very attached to all the great staff at the kennel where she is housed and gets lot of walks, playtime and kisses. She has never known anything other than the kennel life and doesn't seem to think she's missing out on anything.

We did end up adopting Georgia. She is three years old and very hyper. Similar background to Ollana- most of her life in a cage because of a crappy owner but she did have exposure to other dogs and cats. Her play date with Chale when great so we brought her home on Monday.

The amount of work for two dogs vs. one is definitely an adjustment but its worth it. Things have already improved dramatically since the first day and we're only on day 4! I hope to look back on this week 3 months from now and smile at how normal and easy everything seems comparatively.

One of the neighbors complimented our dogs yesterday when we were walking them. These are the moments that I cherish because people assume that two well behaved, purebred dogs must have come from a pet store or a breeder. I take pride in telling them that they are both rescues who spent 3-4 months at a rescue before I adopted them.

That the only difference between my dogs and some puppy mill dog is that I know whats wrong with them when I get them. So I can have a plan in place and work to fix or accommodate those problems from day one. You are playing a game of roulette and have no idea what physical, medical or behavioral problem will pop up but I guarantee you one will, because they always do. Dogs are the ultimate money pit but they are oh so worth it!

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