Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking Back My Life

I accomplished most of the goals I set for myself last week. I ran four times. Even when my ankle was bothering me I did a brisk walk rather than skip my workout. I did 45 minutes of strength training- 2 in the gym and one at home. I only did 30 minutes of the 90 minutes of yoga I wanted to do and I didn't do my "bonus" workout. Normally I would write off the entire week and eat half a pie for not achieving every one of my goals. But I'm trying to focus on the positive.

I had work meetings for three days last week which means three meals a day out to eat, long hours and very little me time. So the fact that I got any workouts in at all is impressive. I do need to focus on making better food choices and not eating such large portions. I definitely eat out of habit/boredom rather than to actually satisfy my hunger. I'm going to focus on thinking about what I'm eating before I stuff my face.

I also need to make sure my day includes me time so that I'm not running around like crazy taking care of pets, the house or my husband. They aren't going to die if don't have dinner on the table until 6:30 pm. Honestly, I think I'll be much better company if I have a chance to decrompress from my day of work before I dive into domestic diva mode.

So 1 week down, 6 more to go. Supposedly that's how long it takes to develop a habit. I'm not going to worry about my weight or my measurements during this time. I'm just going to try to meet the goals that I've set for myself and if the scale doesn't budge then I'll have to re-evaluate my goals at that time. But I won't beat myself up. I will be proud of myself because even if I'm still 40 lbs overweight I'll feel much healthier and love myself a lot more.


  1. Hey Denise.

    And you should love yourself more! You deserve the me time. I think a lot of people need to make it a routine to make sure it happens. I'm sorry you're so busy. Good for you for running four times despite the problematic ankle. You are disciplined! I hope that you only continue to run so much if you want to. A sense of obligation seems to just lead to more guilt. I'm glad you are focusing the positive. That's an important step in learning to deal with a self esteem problem, which I think you have. I will continue to encourage you and try to help you see that you are worth it.

    Seriously, any time you want to talk or vent, feel free to come to me. My email is there. I know what poor self-esteem is like. I know what guilt is like. But I will never claim to know what you are going through. I WILL claim that these are poisons. Poisons for which I hope your writing here and your readers are the antidote.


  2. Thanks Ashley. You just made my day and it hasn't even started yet!