Saturday, April 10, 2010

German Shepherd Rescue

Our local German Shepherd rescue has had a beautiful dog named Ollana for several years. She has never had a home. She lived in a cage at the breeder's for the first half of her life and she has lived the second half of her living in a kennel at the GS rescue. She is nine years old.

I check the GS site regularly to see if dogs are getting adopted. It makes me feel better seeing the happy endings. Reading all the stories about how these wonderful dogs were rescued from horrible situations and then find new homes and live happy lives makes me feel good. Year after year, Ollana's status never changes.

I used to volunteer at a no kill shelter. I was in college and not in a position where I could adopt a dog. As much as I loved all the animals and wanted to take every one of them home I knew that I couldn't. I don't volunteer now because I know they will come home with me. I give money at their fundraisers and try to educate people about how great rescue animals are so I don't feel guilty not putting in any volunteer time.

I have looked at dozens of dogs over the years but I can't get Ollana out of my head this time. I wonder if she's still there because she's waiting for me. I think about my beautiful 9 year old German Shepherd and how maybe he'd be okay with a sister that he could play with. I laugh when I think at how happy my cat Tiger will be when he has another dog to chase and torment. I think how wonderful it would be for her to spend whatever time she has left in a house where she will be spoiled rotten.

But then I worry that a 9 year old dog that has never had a home will be a challenge. Getting my dog used to the idea of sharing me with another dog after being the only dog in the house for 8 years may not go so well. My 12 year old cat might not be in the mood for any changes. We are all pretty set in our ways at this point and this transition would be a difficult one.

Maybe that's why she's been sitting there for so many years. Because everyone justified not taking her because they didn't want to take on all the issues that would come with it. At this point she has 1-3 years left. How she spends those last years of her life could be in my hands.

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