Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it me?

Lately I feel like all of my old friends are getting on my nerves. I don't know if its me that's changed or them but we are definitely drifting apart. Do people just start all over once they grow up and make brand new friends?

I have a friend from intermediate school that refers to me as her best friend but I don't think she knows anything about me. I think we are just really good at keeping in touch and managed to keep up with e-mails and letters all throughout college and find ourselves still friends 20 years later. I have known her longer than anyone else but she definitely knows very little about me. I guess it's harmless to let her call me her best friend no matter how untrue it is. We don't have any of the same interests but she still lives in the town where I grew up so whenever I go to visit my family it is inevitable that we will spend an awkward night together. And at least once a year, she wants to spend a weekend with us which is just torture since her and her husband enjoy watching paint dry while sitting on the couch. My husband and I have decided to plan an entire itinerary for their next visit so that we don't want to poke our eyes out by the end of the weekend.

I also have a couple of girlfriends from college who were my dancing and workout buddies. We went to clubs on the weekends and worked out together and had a great time. For some reason I don't find either of them very interesting any more. I wish that we still went out dancing or worked out but it seems like all they want to do is sit around and drink. I don't think I'm more active than I used to be. I think that I just didn't realize that I never really spent time with them when we weren't being active. Sigh.

I wish I could put an personal ad in the newspaper to find fun, active people to hang out with but, knowing my luck, this would just lead to some creepy pervert thinking I was looking for a different kind of good time. I will just continue to try new activities in hopes that I make new friends. In the meantime, I will try to limit my exposure to the young and lazy friends that I have collected and plan ahead so that I can suggest some fun things to do when we're together. I know, I really do need to get some real problems.

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